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Limudei Kodesh Curriculum

     At Ma'or an outstanding team of dynamic, experienced  Rebbeim  do much more than teach Torah precepts, they model them. Their deep concern for their students is manifest in the long-lasting personal relationships that are formed.


Shiurim in Gemara, Halacha, Chumash and Navi are given on a high level with both regular or honors levels


Halacha (as per 4 four year cycle):

  • Hilchot Shabbat Part 1

  • Hilchot Shabbat Part 2

  • Hilchot Kashrut

  • Hilchot of Daily Living

Each year, students are also taught Hilchot Yom Tov and the Halachot that apply to each holiday



 9th – (Sefer Shemot) Shemot, Vayeira, Bo, Beshalach & Yitro 

10th – (Sefer Shemot) Shemot, Vayeira, Bo, Beshalach & Yitro

11th – (Sefer Devorim) Devorim, V’etchanan, Eikev, Re’ei & Ke Teitsei

12th – (Sefer Devorim) Ki Tavo, Nitzavim, Vayelech, Ha’azinu & V’zot



Talmidim learn a new navi each year at the discretion of their Rebbi. Rebiem pick thee Neviem to learn based on their class and how they will be able to apply the Navi to Mussar and our daily lives


Gemara (as per our four-year cycle):

Year 1 – Rosh Hashana

Year 2 – Sukkah

Year 3 – Bava Metzia

Year 4 – Makot 

Maor Yeshiva also provides its talmidim with mussar classes including Derech Hashem, Mesilat Yisharim, and Perkei Avot, etc.

Talmidim also take various classes that teach about Gedolei Yisrael, our founding Yeshivot, and our history



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